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Jul 07, 2020

In a series of blog posts we will focus on some of the best practices we use within Merapar to evolve our DevOps practices we have built around the AWS platform. Why? Because we think it’s fun to share knowledge and to learn from others in the industry.

To practice continuous integration and continuous deployment, we use multiple environments to manage our development, testing, acceptance and production (DTAP like) workload. To apply the pattern of least privilege, while not limiting the access on our development account, we often use a multi AWS account strategy for each of the different DTAP environments.

When using Jenkins to deploy the workloads, you want to avoid the need to maintain a Jenkins instance per DTAP environment because of the maintenance overhead and the possible differences between the instances.

To avoid this we are using an AWS ECS Cluster to host the build agents, where each ECS task can access one of the DTAP environments. In combination with node based security in Jenkins, we can:

  • Maintain a single Jenkins environment for the complete solution
  • Use Jenkins node based security to main the principle of least privilege
  • Deploy with the same principles to any of our environments

An overview of this solution is depicted below:

Merapar-DevOps-—-Use-AWS-ECS-for-multi-account-deployments-with-Jenkins--1024x602 (1)

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